Dry Cleaning

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry Cleaning is a process of cleaning clothes with a dry organic solvent instead of water. Dry cleaning has two distinct advantages over cleaning with water or “wet” cleaning: Water swells the fibres. It is this swelling action which causes shrinkage and dye fading in many garments. Dry cleaning solvents are much more superior to water in the removal of oily or greasy residues which are the base component of many stains.

Why use Dry Cleaning?

Dry Cleaning protects your garments colour, brightness and softness as well as being gentler than other cleaning methods. Dry cleaning is necessary to protect fabrics that would be damaged by the heat or water of your traditional washer and dryer and to remove stains that are not removed by a “wet” cleaning process, such as grease and oil Dry cleaning is needed to clean clothes or fabrics that can be damaged if treated with water such as suits, coats, duvets, wool sweaters, Dry cleaning should also be used for all the delicate fabrics such as cashmere, velvet or silk.

Dry Cleaning at DONE

We adjust the type of cleaning for the garment based on the manufacturer’s instructions and based on our many years of experience in handling different clothes and different types of fabrics. Open 24/7. Just leave your garmets at DONE locker and get them back, nicely hanged, within 3 working days!

How it works

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Dry Cleaning

Shirt starting at 26 NIS

Pants starting at 28 NIS

Skirt starting at 28 NIS

Dress starting at 49 NIS

Evening dress starting at 79 NIS

Underwear 15 NIS

Brassiere 26 NIS

Sweater 32 NIS

Coat starting at 59 NIS

Jacket 44 NIS

Leather jacket 149 NIS

Nightgown or Bathrobe 35 NIS

Beg 60 NIS

Leather Beg 80 NIS

Pilow 50 NIS

Down duvet 89 NIS

Thin blanket 60 NIS

Wool blanket (single) 50 NIS

Wool blanket (double) 60 NIS

Window curtain (price per sqm) starting at 29 NIS

Carpet or rug (price per sqm) starting at 59 NIS

Tablecloth 65 NIS

Bed sheet 35 NIS

Duvet cover 44 NIS

Pillowcase 19 NIS

Tallith 39 NIS