MailBox services

DONE – your mail and package forwarding service.

We receive your business or personal mail and packages and deliver them to your preferred DONE locker location.

All you need to do is:

– Register at DONE and choose a prefered DONE locker location

– Use the following shipping address at a provider’s check-out:

Kibutz Shefaim

P.O.B 500

Postal Code 6099000 ISRAEL

*Please fill out your mobile phone number if the shopping site allows it. Terms: 10 NIS for one-time collection or 30 NIS for a monthly subcription To purchase a subscription, please click here:


The cost of the service for a one-time collection is 10 NIS


Monthly subscription with unlimited collection – 30 NIS


To purchase a subscription, click here

How it works

Register on our site or in our mobile app
Choose a prefered locker location
Enter DONE's virtual delivery address at the merchant's check-out
Receive an SMS when your item has arrived at the locker
Collect your item