Parcel Delivery

Want to send something to Grandma in Haifa while you are studying Beer-Sheva?
Need to send important documents at a sane price from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

Easy! Do it with DONE!

How does it work?

Set up a DONE account
Locate the nearest locker to you using our website or our application
Locate the nearest locker to the recipient
Enter the recipient’s details
Put your package in the locker
In 3 working days the package will arrive at the destinations and it’s DONE!
Cost – 30 nis per package, maximum weight of 5 kgs


and… Get 50% off on the first time you try our service!

First register here, next enter coupon number 50061122 when making your first order

How it works

Register on our site or in our mobile app
Come to the locker with your parcel
Logged in, placed an order
Complete the required data for the sender and the recipient
Receive an SMS when the package has arrived at its destination