Welcome to DONE

  • New generation, smart multi-purpose lockers
  • Our Mission is to make our clients lives simple and carefree by delivering a frictionless pickup and drop-off solutions and premium quality services
  • Drop-off your laundry or dry cleaning, return your orders from Amazon and SHEIN, pick-up or ship your packages or just rent a locker for your personal needs
  • Available 24/7 at the convenient locations near you all over Israel
  • Use our lockers to simplify your day to day life!

Receiving packages

  • Using DONE’s Smart lockers you can receive packages sent to you from different delivery companies such as DHL, UPS, Bar and others
  • When you select DONE as your pickup point you enjoy a safe and convenient pickup location that is open 24/7
  • No need to coordinate and wait for the delivery – just send your packages to DONE!

Laundry Services

  • Let someone else do your dirty laundry for you!
  • We, at Done, work with the best laundromats and provide a large variety of cleaning services – laundry, ironing, packing for travel, dry cleaning and more – all this at convenient prices without compromising quality.
  • Your laundry is returned to the locker in 3 working days!


Where you are located

Our lockers are located nationwide

How to place an order

Find the nearest locker, bring the laundry, access a touch screen.

In order to ensure the best service, when dropping your laundry you will be asked to list the amount of items you have left with us (please separate  them to laundry, ironing, dry cleaning etc.). You can add additional comments for us (such as “please pack the pink shirt separately” or “note the stain that needs to be removed”).

After that, the system will unlock an available (empty) locker in which you will drop your items.

Make sure to close the door after dropping your items! Once the door is closed, the Locker will lock automatically, and you will receive a text message indicating that the laundry has been left with us.


Our prices are the same as market prices

How is your quality?

We work with the best suppliers in the country and take care of every order and order