Storage service Conveniently and smartly wherever you are!

Nationwide and with maximum accessibility DONE's storage solutions They will help you keep your belongings in the optimal way With a minimum of money and in a simple, modern and convenient way

It’s hard to find convenient storage solutions with accessibility and comfort when you’re on the move! Whether you
You are traveling for a business meeting or for leisure purposes, it can be difficult to find a place
Reliable for storing your belongings when you are away from home.

You can rent DONE secure lockers, with the company’s locker rental services
For storage for any period of time, anywhere in the country. Get the peace of mind knowing that the items
Yours are safe and secure while you travel for your pleasure! We have to deliver a package
Or someone else’s object? Stop worrying and start using the locker rental service
now! Place the item in the designated compartment, and we’ll do the rest quickly,
with maximum efficiency and comfort!

How It Works?

Choose DONE as the pickup point

Receive a message from a shipping company

Enter the cell opening code you received from the shipping company

Open the locker

Collect the package

נגן וידאו


Daily rental

NIS 30 for a monthly subscription to receive mail and parcel services
NIS 10 for one-time collection

Rent by the hour

NIS 10 for the first hour
and NIS 5 for each additional hour (or part thereof)

We’re always open!



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