Package delivery services With maximum accessibility and without unnecessary headaches!

Save money and time and start sending packages the fast, economical and convenient way in Israel

Finding reliable and consistent package delivery services can be a task
Incredibly difficult. Often, the packages do not arrive on time or are lost
to get completely lost in the process.

No one has time to waste trying to track down a lost package. balance
Therefore, if a package arrives late, it can be a heartache, a lack
Satisfaction of potential customers and even a large financial loss.

DONE solutions offer the company’s automatic package delivery services
Easy and reliable for all your shipping needs. Sign up now and get the delivery
Yours from anywhere in the country without any headaches with a pleasant and relaxed experience

How It Works?

Choose DONE as the pickup point

Receive a message from a shipping company

Enter the cell opening code you received from the shipping company

Open the locker

Collect the package

נגן וידאו


Sending parcels in Israel

30 NIS for a package of up to 5 kg (maximum weight)

Sending packages abroad

According to DHL’s price list and through the company’s website

We’re always open!



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