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sending packages

30 NIS for a package of up to 5 kg (maximum weight)

Locker rental

NIS 10 for the first hour and NIS 5 for each additional hour (or part thereof).

30 NIS for daily rental (no limit of days)

Postal services

NIS 30 for a monthly subscription to receive services

Mail and parcels

NIS 10 for one-time collection

Dry cleaning (hanger dependent)

Shirt from NIS 26

Pants NIS 28

Skirt from NIS 28

Dress from NIS 49

Evening dress from NIS 79

Underwear NIS 15

Bra 26 NIS

Sweater NIS 32

Coat from NIS 59

Jacket NIS 44

Top 30 NIS

Leather jacket NIS 149

Overalls NIS 70

Jacket/ski pants 65 NIS

Ski gloves NIS 25

Tallit 39 NIS

Suit NIS 72

Top 30 NIS

Scarf NIS 20

Feather pillow 60 NIS

Sleeping bag 80 NIS



Transition blanket 60 NIS

Pika blanket NIS 30

Tie 30 NIS

Dog bed 70 NIS

Apron NIS 35

Vest 30 NIS

Pillow from NIS 50

Synthetic pillow NIS 50

A smock or robe NIS 35

Single synthetic blanket NIS 50

Double synthetic blanket NIS 60

Duvet from NIS 89

Double duvet NIS 120

Thin blanket NIS 60

Single wool blanket 50 NIS

Double woolen blanket 60 NIS

Curtain (per square meter) starting from NIS 29

Shade cloth (per square meter) NIS 50

Carpet (per square meter) starting from NIS 80

Large map NIS 65

Small map 25 NIS

Sheet 35 NIS

Expected NIS 44

You expected NIS 19

Bag 60 NIS

Leather bag 80 NIS

Washing and ironing for travel (folded and packed)

Shirt packed for travel 17 NIS

Pants packed for travel 20 NIS

Ironing only (hangs on a hanger)

Shirt 8 NIS

Pants 9 NIS

Skirt from 9 NIS

Dress starting from 12 NIS

It costs 17 NIS

Sweater 20 NIS

Large tablecloth 20 NIS

Small tablecloth 10 NIS

Sheet 15 NIS

Expect 19 NIS

Expected 6 NIS

Tallit 15 NIS

Curtain Lmr 10 NIS

Washing and ironing (hangs on a hanger)

Shirt NIS 14

Pants NIS 16

Skirt NIS 15

Dress NIS 18

Jacket NIS 30

Large tablecloth NIS 45

Double sheet 17.5 NIS

Curtain per square meter NIS 20

Double blanket NIS 70

Duvet cover for a single 15 NIS

You expected NIS 12.5

Single sheet NIS 15

Underwear NIS 10

Bra NIS 10

Folded laundry

NIS 10 per kg
(minimum order 5 kg)

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