From today you can return
Amazon packages easily and quickly!

Stop worrying about ordering from Amazon. From today we use and easily and quickly return the package directly DONE in my services To Amazon with zero effort!

Online shopping is easy and convenient, but if you need to return something it is
It’s already starting to be an unnecessary and annoying hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.

You can quickly return DONE, with the return process in lockers of
And comfortably any item you’re not completely satisfied with. We facilitate service
Returning the packages to Amazon. Our simple process allows you to return the
Your package comfortably without unnecessary fuss.

Returning items has never been easier. So if you ever found the
You yourself need to return an item from Amazon, don’t worry – the return process
Theirs is quick and easy!

How It Works?

Choose DONE as the pickup point

Receive a message from a shipping company

Enter the cell opening code you received from the shipping company

Open the locker

Collect the package

נגן וידאו


Postal services

NIS 30 for a monthly subscription to receive mail and parcel services
NIS 10 for one-time collection

We’re always open!



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